Bosco Yu

Bosco Yu, who now has taught for many years, relates how when he was a new teacher he had a student who challenged what he said in the class. The student commented, “Why do you teach that? We don’t need that.”

“I had asked my students to do presentations in class. I had prepared model answers. Then some students challenged me saying that my answer was wrong. I felt rather angry. I asked myself, ‘How can students say my answer is useless?’”

“Sometime later,” he continues, “I got a chance to talk to the students. They made some good points but at that time due to my frustration I stubbornly insisted I was right. That is the mistake I made. I have never repeated that mistake again.”

What do you do when you get unfavorable feedback?

Bosco cautions that although any teacher can make mistakes and receive bad feedback from students that they still need to be receptive to feedback.

“If you have a positive attitude, you see and appreciate the good points made by students. Teachers are not always right and we should not insist that we are right.”

What can you do to adopt an open attitude to students’ opinions and not get caught up in being always necessarily right?


About Bosco


Dr Bosco Yu worked in the School of Accounting and Finance for over 10 years before joining SPEED. Dr Yu is always enthusiastic in providing students a valuable learning experience in their university life and has many years of experience as course tutor and programme leader.

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